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Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely is wicked good. It’s the first book in a series by Melissa Marr – check back for reviews of the others (Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, and the brand new Radiant Shadows).

Wicked Lovely tells the story of Aislinn, called Ash (the name is Irish, or Gaelic, and is pronounced Ash-ling). Ash lives with her grandmother and goes to a private school. Her life is pretty ordinary – friends, boys, homework – except for the part where she can see faeries. Which, while it sounds really cool, isn’t – at least not for her. Faeries, it turns out, aren’t much like Tinkerbell – they’re dangerous, sometimes beautiful and sometimes truly nasty (tusks, fur, creepy crawlie things). Marr really did her homework; the world of the Faery Courts (Summer and Winter) is based on folklore and history – but it’s the opposite of boring. When the Summer King decides he wants Ash for his queen,  Ash’s whole world changes, and it affects everything she knows, from her friends to her maybe-boyfriend Seth to her own family. It’s all about choices, secrets and lies – between friends, between enemies, and even in her own family.

I love it when an author is able to make a story feel completely real, completely possible. We could be surrounded by faeries every day and not know it! All of those times when you trip over nothing, when you could swear someone pushed you, when for no good reason you feel like something’s weird or wrong – suddenly it all makes sense. The world of Wicked Lovely is so real that I feel like I’m in it, even after I’ve put it down. To me, that’s one of the signs of a good book.


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